What Clients Say


“Not until we met Mr. Brunet did we realize how well the process could work when handled skillfully and professionally...at every juncture, we were impressed with Mr. Brunet’s judgment, professionalism, and ability.”
—Tom B.

“Jim is hardworking, honest, and knowledgeable.”
—James R.

“Throughout the process, I appreciated most Jim’s candor and his constant optimism and sense of humor. It was a pleasure to have such a personable professional on our side.”
—Chris & Donnelle B.

“Jim demonstrated his sense of fairness and honesty...We truly appreciated Jim’s knowledge of the housing market and his willingness to share his thoughts and options. His availability and promptness to answer questions or to respond to needed actions were superb.”
—Lisa & Barry R.

“I was very pleased with Jim’s ability to relate to my needs....”
—Donna C.

“Jim provided a number of much-needed counseling sessions about the reality of the market that I can only appreciate fully with the benefit of hindsight. I imagine this must be one of the most difficult parts of the job and he did it well.”
—Rudy H.